24 Nov 20 / Blog

Wish List Nov 2020

Season’s Greetings and sincere thanks to our Feed My Lambs Ministry supporters and family.

As the end of 2020 approaches, our wish list has grown as we hope for a return to something near normal in 2021. As with so many other helping organisations, we feel very blessed and fortunate to have risen to face the challenges presented this year. The children and staff at the Orphanage have been well, and students in the area have started returning to school.

CONTACT US to find out more about sending items for a container shipment, or DONATE NOW to contribute towards any of these much-needed projects. Thank you.

Drainage for School Yard

During the rainy season our yard often floods. The ground is hard packed, and drainage around our “village” has changed over time. This has caused a great deal of flooding to take place from time to time. We must dig up the yard and install drainage. This is costly ($5,000 – $10,000 estimated), and donations are greatly appreciated.

Seeds, Soil and Seed Trays, and Garden Labour

Needed for the garden. Donations of supplies and financial contributions towards the maintenance and upkeep of our gardens, which provide nutrients for our orphanage children and students, are very welcome. Our staff and other area residents are hired to care for this important garden. They are ready, willing and able to get going for 2021 once we can provide much-needed supplies and tools.

Food – rice, beans, dried fruits and vegetables

Donations of these items for the next container most welcome. Also always welcome are cleaning supplies, personal toiletries for men and women, soaps, lotions, disinfectant wipes and cleaners, face masks, gloves, etc. Please contact Phillip Rego for more information about contributing items for a container.

Financial Support for Medical and Dental Clinic Staff

With greater financial support, our clinic will be much more utilised not only for our children, but for those living in the surrounding areas. Approximately $1,400 is needed per month to cover dental and medical staff and supplies not only for the children at Feed My Lambs but also for area residents in need of this care. A monthly contribution towards this cost is very welcome. DONATE NOW if you would like to contribute now and/or on a monthly (recurring) basis.