Help to nourish, educate and provide shelter to the people of Haiti

What we do

Our mission is to provide a home environment for children that have lost their parents or have been abandoned at our doorsteps by those who they trusted the most.


We work to ensure children receive nutritious food on a daily basis. Without enough food or proper nutrition, children face a variety of setbacks that can derail their path out of poverty. 


We promote free, equal access to quality education for all our children – from early learning to higher education in Haiti and beyond.


Every child deserves the right to a home. Access to stable, adequate shelter plays a major role in the health and wellbeing of our children and in particular provides children with a safe environment.

Our work in Haiti
in numbers


children in education


children in orphanage


meals provided weekly


meals donated to the local community


former students attending university or taking a vocation


former students are university graduates

Meet our children

Feed My Lambs is built on the concept that each child should have the right to a proper education, to fresh food, to clean water and to a brighter future.

Our children motivate us to do better, to be better and to provide each and every one of them with a better life and future.


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Change a child’s life today

Your support will provide a child with an education, a school uniform, school shoes, school supplies, a backpack and more importantly hope. Hope for a brighter future… a future filled with possibilities.